Round Norfolk Relay

WAC Committee Meetings

Main Committee Meetings

The Committee meets around 10 times a year and is chaired by the Chairman and attended by the Secretary, Treasurer and Committee members.

Name Role
Andrew Lane Chairman
David Hazleton Secretary
Rob Winner Treasurer
Tony Beales Committee Member
Cindy Burgess Committee Member
Karl Chapman Committee Member
Rebecca Coleman Committee Member
Steve Ely Committee Member
Gavin Hall Committee Member
Tracey Salisbury Committee Member

Other Club Officials:

Name Role
Andrew Lane Race Director
Tracy Stevens Membership Secretary/Race Secretary
Kim Reader Head Coach
Eva Osborne Cross Country Co-ordinator

The purpose of these meetings is to discuss all areas of club business and events including updates from:

· Race Committee
· Coaching Committee
· Treasurer

These meetings present an opportunity for members to raise issues that can then be discussed by the committee (please contact David Hazleton (Club Secretary) by email to include on the agenda).

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

This is usually held in May and is a meeting to which all club members are formally invited to attend.

The meetings are chaired by the Chairman and minuted by the Secretary.

The purpose of the meeting is to:

·Approve minutes of previous AGM and discuss any items raised
· Receive presentations from the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Race Chairman and Head Coach
· Elect Club Officials for the forthcoming year
· Receive Any Other Business

Race Committee Meetings

These are held periodically throughout the year.

Coaching Committee Meetings

Coaching committee meetings are held periodically to discuss any coaching matters arising, discussion of next seasons training, sharing of knowledge attained from coach training courses.