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Download Risk Assessment It is important that all members read this document and are aware of any risks.

Welcome back runners,

The easing of the lockdown restrictions once again means we are able to resume
our structured training on Monday nights.

Running sessions are currently on a pre-book only for attendance and in accordance
with the current UKA Covid training guidelines.

The groups remain as Development, Improver, Progression, Intermediate and
Advance. The booking system is run by Andrew Lane so please contact him to
reserve your space in the groups. We will of course continue to follow and adhere to UKA Guidelines and as these change we will implement the necessary changes.

Please continue be respectful of other footpath users, a cheery thank you is always

Personal Safety - Ensure you check before you step out into the road to give others
room. Take care for street furniture, wheelie bins and signage which may be knocked down onto the footpaths, so if you are at the front of the group calling back
to your fellow runners with information on what’s on the path can certainly help
prevent accidents.

Above all enjoy your running, and remember whatever your level you will always be
lapping everyone sitting on the couch.

Best wishes

Head Coach Wymondham AC




Copyright © Keith Whitmore
Copyright © Keith Whitmore