Jet Watkinson
Kirk Bagge
Cat Cummings
Mark Banfield

Club Awards 2018

Road Runner of the Year:

Senior Male:  Kirk Bagge

Senior Female:  Jet Watkinson

Veteran Male:  Mark Banfield

Veteran Female:  Cat Cummings

Cross Country Runner of the Year:

Male:  Tony Beales

Female:  Jet Watkinson

Founder Members' Shield

Tony Beales

The Founder Members' Shield is presented to a member of the Club whom the members feel has shown exceptional commitment and involvement to the benefit and success of the Club during the preceding 12 month.

Endeavour Awards

Cassie Barker

Marina Murdoch

Rob Ewin

Richard White

Endeavour awards are presented to those members who have, in the view of the committee and coaches together, performed consistently well over a range of distances during the year or overcome injury, illness or other difficulties to return to running.

Coaches Awards

Development/Improvers Group:  Robert Scarfe

Progression Group:  Anneke Cook

Intermediate Group:  Charlotte El-Labany

Advanced Group:  Kevin Frazer

The coaches' awards are given to the athlete in each group who the coaches feel have shown great commitment and improvement over the preceding 12months.

Ed Burton Time Trial (Summer 5m Series)

Tasha Rout

Rob Ewin

This Award is presented to the male and female runner who most improved over the three race series.

Winter Time Trial

Female:  Julie Winner

Male:  Nigel Bradley

Points Awards

First male:  Tony Beales

Second male:  Steve Dady

Third male:  Andrew Lane


First female:  Alex Smith

Second female: Hannah Purvis

Third female:  Katie Whitmore

All points winners here.


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